When in the year 1985, we began our business expanding farm with tourist Department, came many friends especially from Germany, to spend the holidays with us.
The enthusiasm for the beauty of the House and the area, the quality of wines and olive oil and also the kitchen was so great, that he quickly disclosed voice and even today most of our guests coming to spend the holidays without booking through tour operators.
An important reason is surely the family atmosphere of our House and our daily personal commitment for the well-being of our guests.
Meanwhile, our guests have become like a family with various age groups and professions. This mixture of so many different people but all courteous and friendly, creates in our House a very interesting and attractive environment, which is not perceived only in the evening during dinner.
Most of our guests live the family atmosphere very positively bringing home many good memories that they return to spend the holiday with us more than once in
Even if you can find a welcome in our company wide farm you always have the option to enjoy your holidays on your own, with your partner or family.
We as owners of the farm house Aglioni we feel as great advantage that we can meet and talk with so many interesting people and that we are together often for dinner with our guests, at home or in the garden and spend the evening with you.