Our Cousine

For the past 28 years Aglioni follows the tradition of fine Tuscan cuisine with lots of our own recipes.
The particular of our kitchen are good raw, most coming every day from our biological production. Many of our recipes take you every night on a culinary journey into the origins of Tuscan cuisine, where you will find the fine flavor of days gone by.
As I personally our kitchen and cook according to the principles of the “Mediterranean diet” that doesn’t make only our dishes tasty but also healthy and feel always the excellent taste of our extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

Together with our wine for our dinner, guests become a little the culmination of the day with lots of fun and interesting conversations in the warm atmosphere of our House. With good weather we set the table for the evening dinner on the terrace, with the participation often of apartment guests, just book in one day.
Another peculiarity of our kitchen is the variety of our dishes. We try new recipes often on long winter evenings. We try with great care the old traditions and if we are convinced I am to my guests. For example, it is made up of: acacia flowers, fennel or wild asparagus. We are also very proud of our jams that we discovered through old notebooks.
So we are able to keep a three-weekly “rhythm” without having to repeat courses, except the “favorite” of our guests, that I certainly with great pleasure.

In brief, all Aglioni’s gourmets, connoisseurs and wine lovers will be satisfied (even there are guests who make notes every night on our menu) and often bring new ideas at home on their kitchen.
Bon Appétit!